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Paint oxidation is simply a process of paint deteriorating due to the combination of air, sun, and dirt. Paint gets dull, gritty, and can eventually fail.

Paint Failure

The eventual damages of sun and weather exposure to unprotected paint. Unless we protect the paint on our cars, or the gelcoats on out boats, it will cause paint oxidation and failure.

paint failure
The amazing results of the buffer in the experienced hands of a professional

In the event that you find yourself in need of removing oxidation from your paint, it would be wise to do some research and ask around regarding a car detailer that knows what he is doing. Not all auto detailing services are created equal, or come with the same type of experience and expertise.

There seems to be conflicting opinions out there in regards to using buffers. This is a confusing subject if you find yourself in the middle of the opposing sides. Not only are terms thrown about by people who don't know what they are talking about in the first place, but they also are using the wrong terms. For example, when the term buffer is referred to, do we even know what kind of buffer is being referred to? There are many types of buffers.

I will start by telling you that the buffer in question is called a high speed buffer, or rotary buffer. Yes, in the wrong hands this buffer can be dangerous to your paint. But without this buffer, your paint will never look as good as it could. Whether you are working with wood, paint, stone, etc., the use of power tools makes the end result far superior over that of hand only.

The problem is two fold; first, you have a group of detailers that don't have the expertise to use buffers correctly. This group of detailers promote their services by informing people that they do everything by hand, and do it in a manner by aligning themselves with some type of nostalgic image of a crafts person who did all things by hand. Not only does this do a dis-service by being misleading, it goes back to before these crafts people even had a choice! Not only is it impossible to duplicate the power and consistency of an electric tool, the hand could never generate the kind of necessary heat build up that is possible with an electric or pneumatic tool.

So, I still come across detailers and people who insist that the use of any kind of power tool on there paint, is a carnal sin. The reality is, that they either just don't know what they are talking about, or they just don't know how.

A professional detailer must be able to judge the condition of paint, and then make an assessment to determine the products and procedure to make that paint the best that is possible. And to do this, having the use of a buffer is a requirement. This does not mean that all paint on every car needs buffing, or paint oxidation removal of this type, it just means that it needs to be an option if the paint requires it.


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