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What is the difference between wax & Teflon paint sealant?

A Teflon paint sealant is the best protection for your vehicle. The Teflon paint sealant actually bonds to your paint whereas a wax sits atop your paint. A wax generally last 3-4 months, a Teflon paint sealant lasts up to 5 years, depending on how often you wash your car.


Teflon Paint Sealant

A Teflon paint sealant is an acrylic type polymer coating which creates an extremely durable barrier to guard your automobiles paint from the environment. This specially formulated product protects your vehicle's finish against oxidation, fading, and most noticeably, loss of shine. It will also shield against many contaminants which can be damaging to your vehicle's finish.


Fabric Protection

Our fabric protection is a protective coating which allows for easy clean up of most spills. It protects by "encapsulating" the fabric fibers, guarding against permanent stains and discoloring. When properly applied the fabric protection will prolong the life of your fabric and carpet without altering the texture of color.


Leather & Vinyl Protection

The leather & vinyl protection is designed to repel water and shield your vinyl and leather from constant exposure to the elements prolonging its life. It creates a protective coating to prevent mildew, fading, and discoloration. Interiors and vinyl roofs treated with this product will resist damage from ultraviolet rays that can cause discoloration or drying which can lead to brittleness and cracking.

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