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Paint spider webbing might completely confuse the inexperienced person when they first hear the term; a term to describe a certain paint problem that is notoriously connected to all paint colors that are darker in color. Not that lighter colored paints don't suffer the same consequence, but it is not easily seen on lighter colored cars.

Trunk lid of a 1991 black Mercedes 420SEL with tape splitting the trunk in half, with the paint spider webbing effect on left and the after result on the right

When a person sees an actual example of this paint problem, it is easy to see the connection to the problem and the term itself.

The shot of the camaro above shows a much less dramatic shot of spider webbing

Yes...the paint looks as though millions of spider webs have been laid out acroos the paint. This is not what paint should look like, and is a result of scratching on the paint.

Not to be Confused with Swirl Marks

Swirl marks are a pattern of scratches that are a direct result of using a rotary buffer, of high speed buffer. These will show up in direct sunlight as a different and specific pattern, that looks like a funky reflective pattern, caused by inappropriate use of a buffer.

Hard as it may be to believe, but the above picture is a single shot on the trunk lid, showing just how dramatic the difference can be with the correct techniques and products are used, when it comes to fixing certain paint damage and car detailing problems.

There are only a few options when it comes to removing paint "spider webbing". You either cover them up with some kind of wax, sealer, or glaze. Or you remove them with some form of proper use with a buffer; removal is the desired option.

The reality is that most cars paint are far from perfect, or where they can and should be. But most car colors are pretty forgiving, and most people do not have a trained or critical eye for looking at paint, and knowing whether or not the paint is what it should be.

Dark colored cars are far less forgiving, as they show so much more when it comes to imperfections such as paint "spider webbing". But do not worry as this problem is common, and can certainly be fixed.

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